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Sunday morning, gonna go frame the East wall of the sauna. I haven't bought nor decided on what door I want to put in the sauna. Can we decide on the rough opening size of this non-existent door enough for me to go frame?

Googles "exterior door sizes"

Alight, looks like there are small set of common door sizes. Common widths: 30" 32" 36". Common heights: 80" 82" 84" 96".

Alright, what constraints do we have to help us decide what the door should be?

Constraint: The sauna will have a shed roof (to match a discount window a friend has) with 4 on 12 pitch. So, the door height I choose for the on the East side will affect the height of the West side. -> small height

Constraint: The sauna internal room will heat faster the smaller the height of the ceiling. (Too small and you cant stand up and you need to add shielding to the ceiling.) So, the door height I choose will affect the speed that the sauna can heat up. -> small height

Constraint: Timeline to finish the sauna is before Winter Solstice. So I should choose a door that is common enough to source quickly. -> common height and width

Googles "home depot exterior doors"

Looks like doors of 36" x 80" are readily available!

So whats the rough in dimensions?

Googles "door rough opening"

Add 2" to the width of the actual door size. Add 2-1/2" to the height of the actual door.

Great! Rough opening is 38" x 82-1/2".

sauna east elevation sketch

Let's get building!

Picks up a pebble and places it on a pile. Im moving the earth.

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