Poor UX & Quick Fix: Nuvance Billing

#poor-ux #quick-fix

When you encounter something frustrating in a product it may be there for intracktable constraints but it doesn't mean you have to have poor UX.

Poor UX

The current billing view of Nuvance Health:

screenshot of nuvance billing

I need to click 1 of 8 links to pay them back! Why are there so many? Which one is right? I went to the old mall, I didn't look at the name.

Intracktable constraints: There is likely a multi-department mess that forced 8 billing paths.

Quick Fix

Let's help the user in everyway possible to find and click the right link.

Mapping: We can use a small comic of two frames to show the user how to find the link they need.

Ordering: We can order by most common or alphabetical. Let's do alphabetical.

Fitts law: This is likely the number 1 thing people come to this page to do, lets increase the links size

The improved billing view:

sketch of nuvance billing improved

Note: My typography is shit.