Feature Request: Smart Reminders in Notes

#feature-request #reminders #personal-operating-system

I'm constantly surprised by the immense power of our devices and the lacking of useful features that that power could provide.


Most days, I write my tasks, thoughts, meeting notes, musings, frustrations, and sketches into [[Roam]]. When I remember that I want to grab X from store Y next time I'm in that area, why can't I do that?

please remind me to grab X from Y next time I'm nearby

How I imagine this would happen in my magical personal operating system:

The personal operating system would have access to my current location stream, a database of my location coordinates that I have complete control over, that updates on the frequency and accuracy I chose.

Smart reminder iOS Notification

In the expanded view we can close the reminder or keep it open, maybe I didnt have time today.

Smart reminder iOS Notification Expanded