Expo Snack is Amazing

#reactNative #feedbackLoop #software

It's funny how long it took me to try Expo again, given how much I've used it everyday since I rediscovered it.


The first time I tried Expo was ~2017 and I couldn't get it to work on my iPhone.

The second time I tried Expo was this week. At the suggestion of @mwedd91, thank you! And now it is my goal to move the app I work on to Expo this quarter.

This is what Im talking about:

Three killer features of Expo Snack so far:

  1. While my work computer was being repaired, I was able to use my 5yr+ computer to do react-native development even tho it was too old to run the latest XCode (at a palatable speed).

  2. Im able to quickly narrow a problem to its essential elements by firing up a new Expo Snack

  3. Im able to quickly share this Snack with anyone quickly and they can run the code on their phone once they have Expo Go installed

Expo finally makes React-Native development feel as fun as web development feels!

Thanks @expo